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2017-2018 High School Calendar


Registration Information for 2017-2018 *** New Student Management System Coming!


Dear Parents:  Please note! We are changing student management systems over the summer.  Due to the timing of this change, we will not be accepting online registration payments at this time.  You are welcome to pay by check, post-dating your check to July 1st (as in past years).  IF we have our new online payment system ready to go at the beginning of August, we will send an email out to notify all parents.  Thank you!


Tremont High School Students grades 9-12 need the following enclosed documents signed and returned. 

  •  Demographic Change Form 

    Check the information in our current student management and fill out the demographic change form if you need to make changes.   You may also call 309.925.2051 ext. 206, or email your changes to susan.litwiller@d702.org., BEFORE THE END OF THIS SCHOOL YEAR.  It is vital that your contact information (this includes emergency contacts) is correct before changing to new student management.

  • Program Participation and Release Form

    Please complete this form and return. All students must complete the consent/release portion on the back side of the form as well; athletes must complete the drug test portion.  Athletes need a sports physical before they are allowed to participate.  Tremont Medical Clinic will provide sports physicals at the school on Saturday, June 17th. Please call Paula Miller at 309.925.2051 Ext. 213 for an appointment.

  • Student Medical Information Form

    Please complete one of these forms for EACH child. This form includes general medical, emergency, and concussion information.  Also included on this sheet are general health questions and acknowledgement of reviewing concussion information. (see read only section below.)   Please complete with yes/no answers and comments as necessary.    Return this sheet with your packet.

  • Parking Permit If you have a student driver, a new parking permit application is required each year.  Parking is only allowed in the student parking lot.  Permits will be issued within the first week of school. Send application with payment or wait to pay until passes are issued. See fees on next page.

  • If you have a child entering 9th Grade

    A Complete Physical is required.  Please turn this form in with this packet on or before the first day of school.



    Question:  When can I register?        Answer: Between April 10, 2017 and August 3, 2017.

    If possible, complete the required forms, and mail or deliver with your postdated (July 1) payment to the High School office by Wednesday May 31st.  Payments will not be deposited until July 1st; Beginning May 30th office hours at the High School are Monday through Thursday, 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m., through Thursday, June 30th, OR you may bring forms and payment to School Registration on Thursday, August 3rd  from 3:00-7:00 PM.  The High School office is closed during the month of July, but you may mail or leave your materials in a drop box in the foyer of the H.S.  if building is not closed for waxing.  Please do not leave cash. 



    Question:  Can I just get the forms online?   Answer: Yes. Forms are available online, but must be printed and sent in to the HS office.  Electronic completion and signatures are also accepted; just email completed forms to susan.litwiller@d702.org


    Please view and/or read and print if necessary, the following on our website:

    Medical Forms   http://www.tremont702.net/resources/health-requirement-and-forms

    Includes physical forms and requirements for immunizations and other health requirements. The concussion form is also included here and must be read before signing the required medical form.   

    In addition, parents and students alike are encouraged to view the hands-only CPR video on the IHSA website.


    Internet and laptop agreement (read this agreement and complete/sign form that will be issued with your student’s laptop when school begins.)


    *REGISTRATION FEES:                                                          

                                                            Registration Fee Total                   

    Early Childhood and ½ Day Kindergarten                    $   80.00                                                

    Full Day Kindergarten – 4th Grade                                  $   90.00                                             

    5th Grade – 8th Grade                                                          $110.00                                             

    9th Grade – 12th Grade                                                        $125.00                                              


  • School Padlocks are required for Hall lockers and PE lockers. Locks available for $6.00 in HS office. 
  • Parking passes $50 per year (or if only driving second semester -$25) Passes issued at start of school. 
  • Technology Fee $30  Covers student issued laptops and use of our network. (Payable at issue of laptops when school begins-do not pay with registration fee.)



Driver Education “Behind the Wheel” Fee -$100 (due now or when class begins)

Spanish Dual Credit class -$50 book fee (due now or when class begins –payable to “THS”)

Other Classroom/Lab fees as assigned by the instructor (due at teacher’s discretion)


*Please do NOT send lunch money or technology fee until school is in session.


Extra-Curricular Activity Fee

The following extra-curricular activities will each require a $50 participation fee.  This list includes, but is not limited to:  Football, Volleyball, Golf, Cross Country, Basketball, Wrestling, Baseball, Softball, Track, Scholastic Bowl, Speech, Fishing, Cheerleading, Dance, and any additional individual participants in IHSA (or IESA) activities.  The following extra-curricular activities will each require a $25 participation fee:  Madrigals, Drama, Musicals, Jazz Band.  Fees must be paid, sports physicals must be up to date, and the consent /release form must be signed by a parent before students are allowed to try out, practice, or compete.  Please write name of student/sport on memo line of check.  (Sports that start before the school year begins need to have fees paid; physicals handed in and consent release signed no later than registration day if not already sent.) Maximum per year per student of $150; maximum per family of $300.


Please make checks payable to:  Tremont School District


A separate check for each school (GS, MS, or HS) is preferred.

Payments will not be deposited until July 1st.  Receipts available upon request.


Sex Offender Registration

To the parents of Tremont School District 702:

Pursuant to Public Act 94-004 (Sex Offender Registration), legislation requires that principals and or teachers to public or private elementary and secondary schools notify parents that information regarding sex offenders is available to the public.  This information is available at the following web address:



McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Information

If you are residing at a temporary address due to the loss of housing or financial difficulties, you may be entitled to additional educational services.  Please contact the school for information regarding district requirements for documentation of residency and/or guardianship of homeless students in compliance with the

McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Act 42 U.S.C. 11435.


School Website:



If you have questions, please contact Susan Litwiller at susan.litwiller@d702.org or call 309.925.2051 ext. 206