TEF Scholarships

T.E.F. Scholarship:

Funded by the Tremont First National Bank


     The Tremont First National Bank generously established a $4,000 scholarship awarded each spring to a THS senior.  Administered by the Tremont Education Foundation, this award provides $1,000 annually to the recipient for each of a four year college career.


     Since the establishment of this scholarship in 2001, the Tremont First National Bank has invested $50,000 in the education of deserving District #702 graduates.  Recipients: 

                                                          2001:  Joni Pflederer

                                                          2002:  Michael Koch

                                                          2003:  Daniel Loughrey

                                                          2004:  Kyle O’Keefe

                                                          2005:  Lauren Schweigert

                                                          2006:  Ben Koch

                                                          2007:  Larissa Fehr

                                                          2008:  Ryan Lowery

                                                          2009:  Jack Stout

                                                          2010:  Adam Koch

                                                          2011:  Chase Breeden

                                                          2012:  Nolan Graves

                                                          2013:  Morgen Gain

                                                          2014:  Bryce Breeden   

                                                          2015:  Megan Wagenbach

                                                          2016:  Zach Rice