General Information

Board of Education Elections

            Three seats on the Tremont Board of Education will be up for election on April 4, 2017.  The terms of Dr. Volkan Sumer, Mrs. Renee Kaiser, and Mr. Todd Kilgus will be expiring that month. 

            Petitions may be picked up from the Tazewell County Clerk, with the first day to circulate established as September 20.  The filing period is December 12-19.  More information can be obtained from the County Clerk or the website.  If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact the District Office at 925-3461.


General Information about Tremont School District #702 Board of Education

          The Tremont School District #702 Board of Education meets on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 7:30.  Special meetings are scheduled occasionally and are posted on the District website.  The public is encouraged to attend meetings.  A special place on the agenda is always listed for persons desiring to address the Board where 5 minute commentary is allowed.  The Board may or may not comment.  After that time, the business meeting occurs and there is no public comment.  The 7 members of our Board are elected "at-large" from the entire District.  They serve 4 year terms that are staggered - 4 members will be elected in the Spring of 2015 with the 3 remaining elected in 2017, creating an environment of continuity and stability as decisions are made on the direction of the District.


         The Mission Statement for the Board of Education is the following: Tremont Schools are dedicated to uphold a challenging and safe environment while providing the skills and knowledge to become successful life-long learners.  This is accomplished through a dedicated group of individuals who are prepared for meetings, show a willingness to learn, listen to the concerns of constituents, and understand their role as a board member.


    A Board member’s role is unique.  First, they are all volunteers.  A great deal of time and preparation is given by our Board members and their service is truly appreciated.  Secondly, Board members have no power as an individual.  Their authority comes in collective fashion as a single voice.  Great Boards of Education operate as a team.  Even if there is dissension, the Board speaks as one, makes a decision, and moves forward.  Finally, the local Board sets goals for the superintendent.  Research confirms that effective Boardsmanship allows leaders to lead, teachers to teach, and coaches to coach.  While our Board members welcome your concerns and ideas and have demonstrated a consistent desire to listen, they are well-versed in the chain of command and will encourage individuals to begin at the source of any issues.  While the role of a Board member can be complex and their influence on the District significant, these baseline understandings of their role are important reminders of their individual limitations but crucial corporate powers.  If you have any questions about the Board of Education, the structure of meetings, or the role members play, please do not hesitate to contact Superintendent Hinman.


    The current Board is involved in developing a strategic plan to guide the District over the next 5 years - to the year 2020.  Revised and updated Board Goals are included in the discussion and details will be released this Spring with the final draft scheduled for adoption in the Summer of 2015.  Community input has been received through an Advisory Committee.